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Friday, December 16, 2011

First Start: About Me

Howdy, first of all let me introduce me self, my name is EK which is pronounced close to egg.
It should be wired to some of you, because I'm a Thai. I am a student who living in Chiang Rai
the northern of Thailand. I love photography so much, and this is the beginning.

Three days ago, on 15th December, 2012  I bought my first camera which is Canon 600D
with 18-55 mm as a kit lens. I was happy with it, but I think I need more lens.
However, I have to wait for a new lens, because I have a small budget to drop for the gears.
I have to learn from 18-55 mm for awhile.

Despite from I am a very beginner on photography, I am also a beginner blogger as
I do this blog. It will be focusing on my photo shooting, Thailand traveling and eating,
and something such as a local stuff. I hope you enjoy my blog.

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