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Friday, February 17, 2012

I want to escape from here.

at the end of Lam Prom Tep, Phuket

After study in University for 4 years, I have 20 days left and then I finished the student life.
In Thailand, university student life doesn't fun at all, if we don't come from a rich family.
Things are about the money, sadly. The government manages things not so good.
People keep living poor, and education which the only thing that people can do for a better life
still suck. I just want to escape from here. Whether, the realistic or the online world.
Heck, the most famous website in Thailand is full of shit things, that reflected to people here.
I don't mean that we don't have any good website, we have but just little.

So funny, sadly, and shameful that top 10 keywords which people search in Thailand in the year
2011 are all craps like searching for "game online" or "radio online". It ranked in top 10 for years.
I just feel so sad about it and I give up on government, there is no hope anymore.

Sorry guys, I just mutter in this piece of blog post for no reason. Well, after finished university
I will go down to the south of Thailand. Phuket is the destination to live the life.
There are so many beautiful beaches, I juts can't wait to take the photos. This blog
will turn to a beaches album of mine, and capture the people life. That is my attention.  

The Sunset, when I was in Phuket. 

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