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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Apple Tea with Ice Cream Refreshes My Day

In a small coffee shop where located near my University, I found an amazing cup of tea that made my day.
Last night, I was drinking with my very close friend at a bar named peace house bar--a reggae bar
in Chiang Rai
. I hungover and woke up at the noon then I went to the coffee shop where I mentioned.
I couldn't eat any meals, so I told my friend who was drinking with me last night that I need a special tea,
she works here as a part time job. Then 5 minutes After the conversation, I got 2 amazing cups of tea
in front of me. The first was a normal apple tea, its taste fantastic as usual. After I finished it,
she gave me another one, a special one which spontaneously made for only me. It was an apple tea
with lemon ice cream and salt
, its taste like.....I don't know how to describe it was just amazing
and refreshes my day.

If you want to try, just put a scope of lemon ice cream in the hot cup of lemon tea then add salt
as much as you want. I guarantee you, it's fantastic. Make sure that you don't forget to add salt,
 it balances the lemon ice cream and app tea to perfection.

I have no photos to share with you guys, because these days I work on my project to finished the University.
It takes all my time. I have not enough time to go out and practice photography.
Have a good day, thanks for visiting and cheers.

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